Fri Oct 14 2016
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1. arabic l1 backup cd is not getting added to cart
2. russian s5 backup cd is not getting added to cart
3. Vietnamese language product when added to cart displays 404 page not found message. Please refer the attached screenshot
4. 1m online subscription product price $20 is displaying as $19.95 in cart
5. is 1m online subscription product sku = 90472 ?
6. Both in desktop and mobile, some images are missing. in mobile, even the online and download product images are missing
7. In mobile, there is no space between the msrp and selling price. At least we can leave a single character space between the two prices.
8. in the mockups that you have attached in the mail, for desktop, i don't see the 100% guarantee image and the compatible os icons, but in the newsbsr page, i see these 2 icons. is that ok?
9. When compared with the mockups, breakpoints for most of the sentences are different, by breakpoints i mean the word in which a long sentence gets wrapped to a new line
10. Add to cart button is not working in IE9