Mon Aug 29 2016
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_satellite.pushAsyncScript(function(event, target, $variables){
  jQuery('#Acc3 .AccordionPanel:eq(0) .AccordionPanelTab').text(jQuery('#Acc3 .AccordionPanel:eq(0) .AccordionPanelTab').text().replace(/5-pay/i,''));
jQuery('#Acc3 .AccordionPanel:eq(0) .AccordionPanelContent p').each(function(i,v){
	var replacement = [
		'If you elect to pay via an available Easy Payment plan option, the full payment price will be charged in the applicable number of installments.',
		'The first payment (plus any applicable shipping and tax on the total purchase price), will be charged to the payment account you selected on the Order Page on the Purchase Date. Thereafter, your account will be charged each month for the remaining number of payments of the plan you selected, with 0% APR and no interest charged from Rosetta Stone.',
		'*Installment Payment Plan options are made available on select product purchases only and require a valid billing address. Additional restrictions may apply.'
jQuery('#Acc3 .AccordionPanel:eq(2) .AccordionPanelContent p').html(jQuery('#Acc3 .AccordionPanel:eq(2) .AccordionPanelContent p').html().replace(/5-pay/i,''));