Fri Sep 09 2016
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1. Unable to get the header menu bar dropdown when i click on "For You", "Support" and cart.
2. I am unable to open and play any of the 5 videos - overview, assessment, e-learning, live tutoring, reporting
3. event52 is fired only for the 1st when pricing form is viewed. but it has to be viewed everytime that form is opened.
4. event54 is not fired when signed up for special offers
5. after submitting an email for special offers, it just scrolls the page to the top
6. In the floating menu bar, "Lang sol", "resources" and "support" links are all linked to this same page:
7. contact us link in the footer is not linked to any page
8. RS logo in the footer is not linked
9. event23 is not fired while a demo video is started
10. In the page load omniture, v0 and c11 are missing
11. In iPhone, cart icon in the header is not linked to the cart page.
12. In iPhone, none of the links in the footer - navigate section is linked. Clicking on each of those links just scrolls the page to the top.
13. In FF, iPhone and iPad, in the pricing lightbox, horizontal line running in between those 4 icons is missing. I only see the vertical line
14. In FF, Clicking on play button closes the demo video lightbox
15. In all versions of IE, even in Edge, demo videos are not playing. i get an error that it is of unsupported type
16. In IE10, Pricing lightbox is jagged.
17. In IE10, all elements in the footer are arranged vertically.
18. In IE10, the list of languages other than the top 5 are displaying below the top 5 language box in 2 lines without any character space between language names.