Thu Sep 01 2016
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1. in FF, clicking on the play button in the video control panel closes the video player
2. i am unable to click on any of the language names even the top 5 languages
3. there is a Carousel above language selection, i see a red colored border surrounding the carousel
4. In IE9, Request Pricing lighbox is jagged
5. In IE9, Footer links are displaying as a vertically stacked list
6. In IE9, right nav carousel arrow is also looking like left nav "<"
7. in IE9, the video player is as small as thumbnail image, it is actually too difficult to view the video in such a small window.
8. language list - starting from arabic is not arranged in rows and columns as we see in other browsers, instead it looks like a paragraph with large word spaces
9. In iPad, request pricing lightbox is parially hidden when opened
10. In iPad, masthead image is trimmed on the right making that person in the right side of the image to be displayed only partially.
11. In the list of tabs below the video list, the last one - custom solutions is brought to the 2nd line as it didnt have enough space in the 1st line
12. In both iPhone and iPad, clicking on the top 5 languages, the background color and view our demo text looks jagged